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Watch WLBT NBC 3 News Channel provides local breaking news and Radar Weather Forecast Live Online Streaming from Jackson, Mississippi, United States. WLBT is NBC associate television and virtual channel 3. The WLBT is right now working in the cities of the Mississippi, Jackson, United States. Gray Television network is the proprietor of this WLBT NBC. The Grey television system also functions American Spirit Media-owned Fox associate WDBD and Vicksburg-licensed My Network TV vent WLOO.

WLBT NBC 3 NewsThis is done through individual native marketing and communal amenities covenants. On South Jefferson Street in downtown Jackson, the three positions share workshops. On Thigpen Road in Raymond WLBT, the spreader is situated. WLBT TV is accessible on Comcast Xfinity frequency 2, Cable One channel 3 and Vicksburg Video frequency 3 on cable. To help the community curiosity it became the first position exposed to its right to transmission in 1969. WFOX FOX 30 News Jacksonville.

WLBT NBC 3 News Watch Live Streaming

On December 19, 1953, the place originated as WLBT NBC. It was underway by Lamar Life Insurance Company, holders of radio station WJDX. It is the second-oldest goggle-box place in Jackson which debuted in January 1953. In Mississippi Channel 3 is the third-oldest TV post. The station retitled as a WLBT news channel a few weeks after its entrance. These call letters stance for Lamar Broadcasting station. This ended because the original call letters declared like WJTV. In 1970 it has always been an NBC affiliate, though it shared ABC with WJTV until WAPT started broadcasting. It had also a relationship with NTA Film Network during the late 1950s.

In Mississippi, in the 1950s and 1960s, the post increased disrepute for its destructive support of ethnic isolation. Even though that system factually had a tremendously low acceptance towards local pre-emptions at the time. WLBT kept its connection with NBC. WLBT had taken a few steps to change its segregationist image after some time. It comprises a George Foster Peabody award for a segment called “Power Politics in Mississippi in 1976.

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