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Africa News live stream tv channel was launched on 20 April 2016,3 years ago. Its picture format is 576i(16;9 and4;3) (SDTV),1080I (HDTV). Channel also provides Live Streaming TV Online free for its viewers. Its slogan is Your Voice. It is English and French language channel. Its broadcasting area is 32 African countries.

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The channel has headquarters in Pointe-Noire, Congo. It is a multilingual news media service. The news channel is a subsidiary of France-based euro news and started broadcasting online, and via TV and satellite on 20 April 2016. The newsroom has 30 journalists and a technical staff of around 55. Africa news runs news and weather summaries every half-hour. The channel plans to enlarge and accommodate most of the continents’ population and plans to roll out Swahili, Arabic and Portuguese content soon. The channel currently is broadcast in 33 sub-Saharan countries and is accessible to 7.3 million homes via satellite and digital terrestrial television networks.