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HLN News is an American link news channel claimed by Warner Media. It is an auxiliary of AT&T Inc. basically, HLN News is considered a side project of CNN. The channel principally conveys a timetable of informational shows during daytime hours. But the rest of its timetable is committed to genuine criminal shows.

The HLN channel was initially dispatched in 1982 as CNN2. It was broadcasted as a side project of CNN. Its unique organization included a pattern of routinely refreshed sections at thirty-minute spans 24 hours per day. Moreover, it momentarily covered different spaces of interest, like public news, sports, business news, diversion, and weather. Not long after on airing, the organization was rebranded as Headline News and later, CNN Headline News. Later, the organization acquainted a mechanization framework with cycle its fragments in a pre-recorded configuration. This eliminated the requirement for them to be circulated live.

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