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WTAT FOX 24 News Charleston SC Channel Live Stream

Watch WTAT FOX 24 News Channel provides local breaking news and Radar Weather Forecast Live Online Streaming from Charleston, South Carolina, United States. WTAT is an affiliate with FOX television station. This WTATis currently working in the United States, South Carolina, and Charleston. It is also serving Low country area. On UHF and virtual channel 24, this halt transmits a high definition signal.

WTAT FOX 24 NewsThis work is done through a transmitter facility which is in unincorporated Charleston Country near Woodville. Cunningham broadcasting is the holder of WTAT FOX 24 News. On Arco Lane in North Charleston, is the place where its studios are located. The branding of this halt is “WTAT FOX News”. Its slogans are “So FOX WTAT Channel” or “The News You Want When You Want It”. This channel has 22 virtual channels and 24 digital channels. The operator of this depot is the Sinclair broadcasting group. WCSC CBS 5 News Charleston.

WTAT FOX 24 News Watch Live Streaming

The meaning of its call letters is “Tuches Ahfen Tisch”. Its meaning is “putting one’s butt on the line”. The power of its transmitter is 1000KW. The depot started its work on 7th September 1985. In Charleston, it was the first maverick channels in the market. At that time, it was under the hold of Act III Broadcasting. Later, WTAT sold to Sullivan broadcasting. But Sullivan returns the entire group back to Sinclair. WTAT took the second affiliation of UPN in 1997.

Sinclair was not able to keep the legal hold of this terminus in 1998. Later, the WTAT news sold to Glen cairn, Ltd.
Later, Sinclair fined by FCC for unlawfully administrating Glen cairn. It renamed Cunningham Broadcasting. On 15th May 2012, this depot affiliated to FOX station. Cunningham does not have the licensing authority of this channel. So, till January 2019, this depot still regulated by Sinclair. Now, WTAT channel is working as one of the six stations in Charleston.

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