Changes in Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi Arabia is not traditionally an important place for international music trips, the still famous musician keeps following.

Mariah Carey was a famous singer in the last January.

After this, Nikki Manaj loaded pro-pro-concert in Jeddah, but later she decided to go there with the support of women and the LGBT community.
And now a band of South Korean boys have said that they will perform in Riyadh in October.

So why Saudi Arabia wants high profile star to come there.


Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman says he wants to bring modern Saudi Arabia into the country according to his vision 2030 plan to bring social and economic reforms to the country.

Saudi Arabia has been dependent on oil for a long time, but in oil prices, insecurity shows that it can not be trusted longer.

Therefore, in view of economic reforms and the need to invest from overseas Saudi Arabia is trying to show the world that it is ready for business.

And it is also one of the ways to focus on the artists like BTS.

Social reform

A department in which Saudi Arabia wants development to be an environment of industry.

Many Saudi people go abroad to watch movies and concerts.

To make sure that they spend money in the country, new Cinema Homes and Shopping Centers have been created where popular artists are invited.

24, Yassen, who lives in Saudi Arabia, told Radio 1 Newsleet, “They are trying to make interconnected contacts between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.”

People are coming from Saudi Arabia all over the world, so they are taking care of everyone’s choice.

These social reforms include breaking the ban on women’s driving and viewing football matches.

Who has been there yet?

In December 2017, Nelli performed in Jeddah. However, only men in the concert were allowed to go.

Jason Derrillo, Angle Eaglesia, David Guetta, One Republican and the Black Id Ped Perform in Formula E Concert for three days.

Marie Carry performed in January and she also had Shan Paul and DJ Tetto.

Although his criticism was very criticized in Saudi Arabia, he said that he believed that it was a golden opportunity to work for gender equality amongst women and men in Saudi Arabia.

Representatives of their public Relations say that ‘Maria Carrie, of the first international female artist performing in Saudi Arabia, recognizes the event and will continue supporting the international efforts of equality for everyone.

And this is not limited to singers only.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) also kept its Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, although its female wrestlers were not allowed to perform there.

So what’s the truth?

Yasmine says, ‘Now that was not so hard ago.’

She says that in the coffee shops and restaurants all sit in the same part and no such kind of difference exists.

But organizations like Human Rights Watch say that there is a doubt about how much change has actually been made.
According to the organization, although women are allowed to drive but they still face many obstacles.
He claims that before the ban on driving, Saudi authorities had arrested several key human rights activists, who had links to foreign organizations.
Women still need a male guardian to acquire and work abroad, passport and healthcare whether they are husband, father, brother or son.
Saudi Arabia has also criticized the record of LGBT rights.
In fact, there are no written rules regarding sexual tendencies or gender identities in Saudi Arabia.
According to Human Rights Watch, ‘Judge punishes people outside sex marriage, sex and other people involved in allegedly alleged crimes under Islamic law