Iran seized a ‘foreign tanker’ in Persian Gulf

Iran says he took possession of a ‘foreign’ tanker with a number of staff members on Sunday to smuggle oil.

Iran’s State TV channel quoted the Guardian Revolution that the ship was smuggling a million liters of oil.

It has not yet been confirmed that it is the United Arab Emirates Roof who stopped sending signals while passing through Hamburg, on Sunday.

Earlier this week Iran had said that he had reached a tanker in the same area that was damaged.

Without the name of the tank tanker, Iranian officials said they had brought Iranian tankers to repair bad tanker. According to him, the message was sent to Iran after the tanker was damaged.

The region’s tension has increased due to the nuclear deal with US emissions and trump-management restrictions on Iran’s oil industry.
In the months of May and June, the US has accused Iran of two different attacks on oil tankers in Gulf Oman. Iran denies these allegations.
In addition, in a controversial situation, Iran has also hit an American drone in the Hormoz area.
After a Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar, British Navy ships are walking along with British tankers after the Iranian threats to take British tanker occupation.
The UK says the Iranian tanker was violating the European sanctions imposed on Syria, but Iran denies that the tanker was going to Syria