US Announces Military Alliance to Protect Interests in Oman and Yemeni Waters

A US military general says that America wants to establish an international military alliance to protect the sea on Iran and Yemen. General Joseph Dunford of US Marines says he wants to make sure the ‘freedom to ship’ in the Gulf region, because there are major commercial passports in this area. Last month, the US had accused Iran-backed fighters to target two oil vessels in Gulf waters. General Dunford says there are currently talks with a lot of US countries that are willing to support the project. He said that the United States would provide ships for the command and control process, but the purpose is that other countries will also boats booming between US ships. He further said that America will work directly with the forces of other countries, to try to find out which countries can contribute to this project. How big will this plan be? Speaking in this context, General Dunford said that it depends on how many countries are willing to become part of it. ‘If there is a decline in the number of participating countries, it can be a small plan. However, if more countries agree to become part of it, it will be extended. Arranged Hermes and Bob Alandab are the naval trains of military importance, which provide access to Gulf and Sea Amsterdam from the sea. Every day, about 400,000 barrels of oil passes on by the Balab al-Marband’s naval route. The US has accused Iran of destroying two oil tanker tankers from a mine in a short distance away from Harmezz in June, which Iran has denied. A few days later, the Iranian army destroyed American drone in the Gulf region. Iran’s stand was that drone strikes had violated Iran’s air strikes and would give the “straightforward message” to the US. The United States denied Iran and insisted on its stand that their drone was in international air strikes. On this occasion, US President Donald Trumpp also gave a message to Iran on Twitter that he has made a ‘major mistake!’. The United States had planned an air-conditioned operation against Iran, but later the attack was canceled. US President Donald Trump threatened Iran before that if he did not negotiate nuclear talks, he would ban Iranian oil exports. After destroying the drone, Major General Hussein Salli, head of the Guardian Revolutionary Iran, said that Iran does not want war with any country, but we are fully prepared for the defense of Iran. After the statement of Britain, the Iranian government is responsible for the attack on ‘almost certainly’ oil tankers, the tensions between Iran and the UK are increasing.