Russian missile system purchase, Turkey US relations test

Despite the intense opposition from the United States, Turkey has received some part of the Russian-built S-400 Air Force missile system. According to Turkish Defense Ministry, a few parts of the Russian missiles system were shifted to an airport in Ankara, Turkey on Friday. Turkey and Turkey can tackle US and Turkey relations with the missiles. The United States warned Turkey that if he received this missile system from Russia, he would stop Turkey’s delivery of F 35 aircraft. Turkey and the United States are part of the NATO-led alliance of the North Atlantic countries, but Turkey has been trying to build better defense and economic relations for the past few years. Turkey F 35 from the US The fighter plane has been contracted to buy and has also invested a lot of investments in purchasing these planes.US defense experts say they do not want F. 35. American composition. The aircraft and Russian composition of four hundred missiles should be placed in one place. They say that Russian defense experts will be aware of all the trends and goodwill of American planes. The situation seems to be that relations between the United States and NATO’s main allies will be torn. The purchase of Russian-based weapons is a very unusual move by a member of the NATO-owned coalition, which has no example. The US already has Turkey’s F 35. The combatants have stopped delivery and under the agreement, the training program for Turks in the United States has also stopped. Turkey’s F 35 The task of separating the aircraft completely from the preparation and repair program has been started. Turkey F 35. More than nine of the planes were preparing in Turkey, furthermore, F35 used by the member of the NATO member states. Turkey was going to be a big center to repair aircraft. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan believes that the attitude of President Trum, being said by the US Department of Defense, is not so negative toward this agreement. This agreement is going to prove a big test for the US and Turkey relations.