Life is possible without washing clothes in a washing machine, but how?

‘Basically we should make a rule in life. If anything does not need to be cleaned then it should not be cleaned. ‘
The famous fashion designer Stella Maktanie told the British newspaper Observer in an interview. He further said that he has learned this fall while working with famous London dates. According to Stella Mercury, the principle is that you allow mail or dirt to dry so that it can be cleaned brush. It may be possible that he said the same thing at the end of the interview, but by reading this, those people who would wash their clothes every week. Do they have any weight and what is the best thing to wash?. The danger of the environment by washing clothes. Mercarini did not give this suggestion for washing the first time for the first time. Rather, he has said many times that washing machines should be used for long life clothes. According to them, it also influences the environment.
Laura Diiazes, a worker from the plastic soup foundation, also agree that because of her everyday artificial material, such as police and acrylic, are available. Talking to  a News Agency, he said, “Whenever we wash clothes, roughly 90 million plastic fiber or microprobes are entered into the environment. ‘The difference is that how we wash our clothes or what our clothes make. But the more often we wash clothes, the more microphone boards will enter into the environment. ‘ According to them, keeping the machine temperature while washing clothes, using liquid detergents instead of washing powder.  She says that the washing machine does not want to dress too much because fabrics are also lesser in some clothes.But it is not limited to micro-pollution-borne environmental pollution only. Washing clothes reduces their lives, which means that you will soon throw clothes and buy new clothes.
Andrew Grossz, head of the fashion designing course head of London University of Westmember, told a news agency that washing machines in the washing machine are only friction, but that’s why the shape and color of the clothes are deteriorated. He said, “My wardrobe has some clothes from the centuries that still look new, because I know how to take care of them.” He further said that it applies to both expensive and everyday clothes. The more you take care according to them, your clothes will take longer. This is true on women’s underwear. Talking to the Observer, Maktney said that they do not change the daily ring. Underwear designer Naomi de Han also agrees. Dean has advised his brand buyers that after five times wearing the vagina in semi-hot water, they should wash the children’s shampoo with their hands. Their clothes are sold in expensive quantities, but they have told News  agency that it applies to daily underwear. He further added that the sports bad should be more consumed. According to them, fragile clothes from the washing machine are damaged. ‘It gets out of the wire, the colors are shattered and the shape can worsen.’ According to Naomi de Han, if you still feel the need to wash the clothes, then consider ‘dressing clothes, use a linen bag, do not wash too hot water, fix them after washing, and to teach clothes Use a slide or smooth surface. But most importantly, never wash them in a drying machine or a dairy after washing the clothes.

Let’s live the jeans

Sara Clinton, head of the head of environmental change campaign, ‘Lou Euclauses’ or ‘Love your Clothes’, says the jeans instead of washing it after washing it. ‘If there is a stain on the genes, just clean the stain with water and do not wash the whole genes.’  It may not be possible to wear without a cheating jeans but Chip Burb, head of the leading company, also does the same.During May 2014 people were astonished in May when Chip Burg told that they never wash the jeans they wear. Five years later, he told the US channel CNN in March this year that he did not wash his jeans yet. His jeans have passed for 10 years without stopping.
Professor Grosswas agree with Chip Burg and suggests that people can kill germs in their jeans freezer. He told that those people I know never wash their genes. It seems strange because Jane is a thing that is worn everyday. Maybe it is also done that people do not want genes to fall. ‘ According to them, people should adopt this behavior for the sake of the remaining clothes as well as the remaining clothes.