The Boats of the ‘Pasdaran Inqilab’ try to stop the British tanker

The British Ministry of Defense has said some Iranian boats near Gulf Persia tried to stop one of their oil tankers, but the British naval ship destroyed them. According to a spokesman, a UK-based ship named HM Montrus had arrived in the middle of the three Iranian boats and the British Oil tanker of British heritage, and then verbally warned Iranians to stay away. He further added that this initiative of Iran is against “international law”. Iran threatened to take action against the confiscation of one tanker, but has completely denied any such move. It is said that boats involved in this incident have taken place of Iranian patronage. And his goal was to stop the British tanker’s way and stop it from coming into the hammer coming out. The British Navy was HM Montruss, British Oil tanker, on the safety of British heritage, and according to the reports he had taken his guns on Iranian boats. Iranian boats were fired after warning. A international news agency has found that the British tanker was near Abu Musa Island when he was stopped by Iranian boats. The island is located in controversial regional waters, but according to the reports, the British ship HMM Montrus has been in international waters during all this matter. According to a British government spokesman, the three Iranian boats have violated the international laws and stopped the commercial tanker named British tanker from coming out of Hammer.
“We are concerned about this move and we urge the Iranian authorities to reduce stress in the area.”
What is Iran’s position?
Iranian President Hamid Karzai has issued a message on Twitter, describing the status of the Passionate Revolution that Iran refuses to claim these claims of US sources, saying that they tried to stop the British tanker’s way. According to the news agency AFP, the passport revolution has said that during the past 24 hours, no foreign ship, including British, was stopped. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zafar said that the UK has made this claim ‘to create stress.’ Foreign Minister Zafar said that ‘these claims are not important. ‘