Trump eliminates Obama’s agreement to hurt Obama

According to a memorandum of leak from Britain’s former ambassador to the United States, President Donald Trump ended Iran with a nuclear deal to disturb former President Barack Obama.

According to the famous newspaper Mail Online, British Ambassador Sir Kim Durro has described President Trump’s action with the process of “diplomatic slogans”.

It is said that this memo was sent to the United States in 2018 when the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson appealed to the US to continue nuclear deal with Iran.

Under this agreement, Iran had agreed to limit its nuclear activity.

The deal also found that Iran would allow international investigators to come here and investigate the nuclear program if they remove tough economic sanctions.

According to President Trump, the deal did not prove very effective.

According to the paper, Boris Johnson returned to the United Kingdom from Britain and Sir Low wrote that apparently President Trump intends to quit this nuclear deal on behalf of ‘personal reasons’ because his deal was made by President Barack Obama.

It is said that the British ambassador was pointing out the differences between US President’s advisors and said that there is no strategy on White House, on the basis of ‘Daily’, in terms of getting rid of the deal.

According to the newspaper Head Low wrote to Boris Johnson that the result shows the contradictory controversy of the White House. You got extraordinary access and you met most of the President, but in fact the administration has been working on the implementation of diplomatic emperor Gree, which is apparently a result of ideological and personal differences as it was of Obama.

Apart from this, he can not work for his strategy later and in the contact with the Foreign Ministry, he has not found any position to reach his partners and allies in Europe or the region.

The latest revealed Scotland Yard’s media came after a payment in which he had asked for the post of diplomatic memorandum leaked.
He warned that journalists who issued further details of former embassy posts may be subject to violations of the official privacy law.
Last month, the British embassy called the Trump Administration called ‘Bay Slabba and Nahal’ in the Memo, which was in front of.
On which the US President immediately responded in anger and headed the head as a ‘very foolish person’, he said that he could not tolerate them further.
The government has started an inquiry on the publication of these reports.
But the head turned down with his diplomatic post saying that now it is impossible to keep his work.
After his resignation, police have started investigating Memo leaks along with Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Nail Bassau. He says that delivering the responsible person to his infidelity is clearly “public interest”.

Press freedom

But madrassas and senior politicians, including two men who are involved in the race of the UK prime minister, have criticized Scotland Yard’s warning against publishing more details.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said he defended to publish the ‘fully’ leaked document if he is in public interest.

His opponent Boris Johnson said that it is correct that anyone who is responsible for this lecture should be prosecuted and prosecuted, but it is wrong to target the media from the police.

Assistant Commissioner Boseo further said that the Metro Polynesian Police has no intention to stop the publications of public interest.
He further added: ‘We have been told that the publication of this particular document may violate the law of government secrecy, and that it can be criminal offense that does not meet the public interest requirements. ‘
Mail on Sunday has defended its decision to publish more details from the leaked Memos.
A newspaper spokeswoman said that this interest is in the public and said that the main information coming out shows the British efforts to keep President Trump from Iran’s nuclear deal.

He added: ‘What is the best interest in the public that we can know how we came to the conclusion that could result in global peace.’

In response, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said this lecture of ‘sensitive material’ as ‘completely unacceptable’ and said that lecturers should be ready for their results.
He further added that the difference between the United States and the United States of America is to keep Iran nuclear weapons, it is not ‘no news