What is the United Arab Emirates Golden Visa and who can get it?

Since the Gulf State UAE has declared a golden visa card under a long-term visa scheme, it is not being considered less honorable than any honor.
Sharjah is the Indian businessman, Lalu Samuel or PA Ibrahim, or Dubai, Muhammad Mehtab-ur-Rehman of Dubai, all of them become the headlines of the Golden Visas newspaper.
Lalu Samuel owns the company named Kingston Holdings. This company is counted in the Middle East’s largest manufacturing companies. While the PA-Ibrahim jewelery company is the co-chairman of the Malabhar Group.
On the other hand, Muhammad Mahmat ur Rehman is the Chairman and Managing Director of Group of Companies and he is the first Bangladeshi who has been given the Golden Card.
On this occasion, according to the newspaper Gulf Times, he said: ‘Golden Visa is mine and my country is a respect for Bangladesh. It will encourage us to invest in the economy of the United Arab Emirates and spread its economy. We are head of the United Arab Emirates and thank the people there that they provided us with great economic opportunities and honored us. ‘
It is clear that last year’s May in the United Arab Emirates’s Vice President and Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid, ruler of Dubai, announced the Golden Card Scheme.

What is the Golden Visa?
Golden Visa is a ten-year residential card announced on May 21.
United Arab Emirates Vice President Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Almaty announced the ‘Golden Card’ on Twitter’s social networking website, saying: “We have to give permanent investors to investors, highly qualified doctors, engineers, scientists and artists. What is the Golden Card Scheme launch?
In this tweet, he added that 6800 investors who invest worth a total of 100 billion rupees under it will be released in the first round ‘Golden Card’, which will be from 70 countries.
Experts believe that the purpose of the Golden Card is to invest in the United Arab Emirates, the owners of international companies of major importance, key sector professionals, researchers working in the field of science and competent students in the development of the United Arab Emirates. To add and draw.

The benefits of the Golden Card
Golden Card Visa holders will get many facilities, most importantly that they will be able to stay in the UAE with their husbands or wives and children in support of a person or company.
Earlier, any foreigner needed a sponsor to stay there and there is still the same principle for all people except Golden Visa.
In addition, Golden Card holder will be able to sponsor three employees. They have the right to get a residential visa for a senior employee in their company.
The first round of application will benefit 6,800 people from over 70 countries.
At the end of last month at the end of the UAE officials, at a press conference, at that time, approximately 7000 applicants have been released Golden Visa at least 400 people of the village.

Updated every 10 years later
Maj Gen Mohammad Wardari, DGG, General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, said that there is no imprisonment for this visa and after every ten years of cardiac cardiac, according to ‘The National’ newspaper published by UAE. More than ten years will be renewed.
On June 25, the general wardrobe further stated that those who pay a monthly fee of 30,000 or more will be able to apply for this visa.
Such professionals have a bachelor or equivalent degree and they have a working job with a five-year work experience.