Do sweet drinks cause cancer?

Scientists from France say sweet drinks, including soda drinks and fruit juices, can cause cancer infections.
In this study published in the British Medical Journal, millions of people have been reviewed for five years.
The University of Sorbone Paris investigative team estimates that blood sugar can be terminated as blood. However, this research can not be certified and specialists have been asked to do more research.
What is sweet drinks appreciated?
According to researchers, every drink that has more than five percent sugar (sweet) is appreciated by sweet drinks and contains fruit juice, soft drinks, sweet country shakes, energy drinks and sugar mixed tea and coffee. included.
The investigative team also reviewed Diet Drinks in which Zero-calorie sweets are used, but they did not find any sign of risk of cancer.
How big is the risk of cancer infection?
According to this research, drinking two sweet drinks in the week or drinking 100% of sweet drinks in one day causes the risk of getting cancerous disease up to 18%.
It has come into consideration that 22 out of every 1000 people doing this were in cancer disease.
So if all these people use 100 ml extra sweet drinks, according to researchers, these results would add four more people, or in number five to 26 people in five years, according to researchers.
Dr. Graham Wheeler, a UK research center, said that it is assumed that in the use of cancer and sweet drinks, there is a non-sexual relation that requires more research.
Of the 2193 cancer patients, during this research, 693 patients were suffering from the disease of breast cancer, 291 prostate cancer and 166 coloracal cancer.
Does it have any final evidence?
No, the way it has been investigated, it can only identify this tendency in the data, can not explain it.
This research shows that people who use excessive drinks, ie, 185 million liters of cancer have a high risk of everyday use of people who use less than 30 ml daily.
One possible explanation of this is that sweet drinks are causing cancer.
But as well as those who used more sweet drinks did not have good habits, as they used to use excessive food as well as excessive salt. The use of sweet drinks and cancer related relationships cannot be very strong.
Therefore, research cannot be said that sweet drinks cause cancer.
Dr. Amyla, Tseed University, says, “While this research cannot definely define any connection between sweet drinks and cancer, but in highlighting the importance of the recent campaign running sweet food. It can play an important role.
He further said that our diet is very important for reducing sweet use.
Is it just obese?
Obesity is a major cause of cancer and excessive use of sweet drinks helps to grow. However, it is not a complete picture according to research.
Dr. Mahindra Tewer, a researcher told a news agency, ‘The use of sweet drinks and the thickness of the fatapore is certainly related to the cancer, but the research has not fully explained it.’
What is the point of view now?
Researchers say it relates to “clearly adding sweet food” and they attribute it to the blood sugar in the blood.
They also said that some chemicals contained in some beverages can also cause absorbent colors, such as drinks.
However, this question was not answered in this study.
Catherine Collins, UK’s dictator of the National Health Services, said, “I do not see any similarity in the biological possibilities, as there is no relation with the diabetes of weight gain, which often is called a pair of dangers.”
What do the researchers say?
Surbone Paris Site University team investigates that there is a massive need to do such research so that these results can be verified.
Dr Twier says that ‘sweet drinks are known for increased heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and weight gain, but now it has shown that it can also be related to cancer.’
He says that his research further encourages that it is good to tax on sweet drinks.
According to his research, this figure corresponds with the current nutritional recommendations that to restrict the use of sweet drinks, to ban juice of 100 percent fruit as well as to ban the drink and marketing of these drinks. ‘
The UK introduced a Chinese tax in the year 2018, due to which an additional payment has made an additional payment on more sweet drinks.
What is the drink-making companies?
The British Soft Drinks Association said that this research does not provide ‘solid evidence of the reasons as its authors have immediately taken away it.’
The Associate Director of this association further said that the use of soft drinks in balanced diet is safe.
Soft drinks industry recognizes that it is important to help in dealing with obesity, so we have adopted the path of reducing calorie and sweetness.